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Civil War in Russia (2)

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3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun; 1/72
Model:  ACE 72265

 $ 13.50  

3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun; 1/72
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The new 76-mm cannon, the М.1900 had excellent ballistics and superior to its characteristics, almost all divisional guns abroad.

  Also in
1900 a 76-mm cannon m.1900 first time to participate. In August 1900, the area of ​​operations in China, was sent to the 2nd battery Guards Artillery Division. The battery participated in 11 battles with the Chinese and was 3792 km, only 389 were made combat rounds.

In the years 1901-1903 in the Putilov, St. Petersburg Armory, Obukhov and Permian plants were built in 2400 dm 3. guns m.1900

mm cannon m.1900 represented a sharp qualitative leap compared with field guns m.1877. Nevertheless, the design of the mast had a lot of expired items.
 76-mm cannon m.1900, and during World War in general proved to be a good side, but at the same time and have serious problems. To protect workers from bullets and shrapnel gun shield required.

Pedestal (AA Gun Mount) B.I. Ivanov
More successful was the installation of B.I. Ivanov, which was accepted for service. Results from late 1915 through the end of 1917. were produced and sent to the troops more than 800 such devices, took an active part in hostilities While construction was primitive thumbs, it was quite successful because of the small size and weight. The more so that the transition from traveling gun situation crews required to spend no more than 20 minutes.

- setting Ivanov is widely used not only during the "Great War". Even a decade later she was on the Red Army.
In 1936 the pedestal Ivanov began to withdraw from the Red Army, leaving them only in the training units, but until 1941 they were in storage for use as an anti-aircraft barrage of second line of defense.

The last
known example of pedestal Ivanov refer to the end of summer 1941 during the battle of Smolensk took part, the battalion guns M.1902/30 (total - 3 batteries, 9 guns), set to air defense pedestal. One of the batteries, commanded by Lieutenant Babin, was hit by a "Ju-87", a "Henschel-126" and set fire to two enemy tanks.

Product Pictures

3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun; 1/72
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3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun; 1/72
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3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun; 1/72
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3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun; 1/72
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3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun; 1/72
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3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun; 1/72
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Manufacturers: ACEACE
Weight: 0.2
  3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun; 1/72

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