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Civil War in Russia (2)

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Fusilier elected Soldiers Regiments, 1698-1702. Russia.
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Fusilier elected Soldiers Regiments, 1698-1702. Russia.
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Creating a new Russian regular army, Peter I relied only on two Moscow elective (ie, selective) Regiment: 1st Regiment, commanded by a native of Geneva, Colonel Franz Lefort and the 2nd Regiment (Butyrsky) under the command of the Scottish general Patrick Gordon. These shelves, collected back in 1642 when Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich as a "regiments of the new system," were the best infantry of the state. They also served as a model and the formation of "comic" regiments of the Preobrazhensky and Semenov.

The old regiments elected Lefortovskiy and Butyrsky, as well as elective regiments Preobrazhensky and Semenov, who became in 1700 the Life Guards Peter, served as a model for the formation of another 29 novopribornyh (made ​​up of newly recruited people) soldiers' regiment.

In the summer of 1700, Peter declared war on Sweden and moved to the newly formed army of the fortress of Narva. Novopribornye regiments, along with two "old" regiments elected, and the five regiments streltsy were divided into four generalstvo (division): A.M. Golovin, A.A. Veyde, Prince A.I. Repnin and Prince I.J. Trubetskoy. Regiments of the Life Guards, Preobrazhensky and Semenov were not included in the divisions. In addition, Peter was at the disposal of another 35 Strelets and 47 soldiers regiments.

In order to bring their elected regiments in the proper order to combat the formation and the appearance of Peter I the fall of 1698 as a single uniform coat enters the "Hungarian model". Caftan was fairly short, went to his knees and strongly flaring, forming several folds in the sides. The sleeves have a "Polish" in the form of cuffs unscrew the valves. On his breast coat had a couple of horizontal tabs from a silver cord, fastened on the side of silver buttons. Also coat trimmed with silver lace at the seams, side and hem. Winter coats lined with fur. Headdress was a cap of red cloth, trimmed with fur (kurpey, lambskin). At the feet wore high boots made ​​of soft red leather. Elected regiments varied color coats: the Preobrazhensky - dark green, with Semenov - blue; at Butyrsky and Lefortovo regiments - crimson.

Ammunition consisted of a leather belt with a brass sword belt buckle and a leather paddle bifurcated into which are inserted shpazhnye sheath. Sling bags for ammunition was of yellow morocco, stitched at the edges with brass buckle and tip zapryazhnikom. Cartridge scrip, or cartouche was made of black leather and had the inside wooden block with slots for 20-24 rounds of rifle and a pocket for accessories - a can of oil, spare flints, ratchet and swivels. By the waist belt hung leather sheath for bagineta and powder horn natruska.

Armament consisted of a private soldier musket or without shoulder straps fuzei belt, with a wooden ramrod and iron instrument. Baginet was a piercing-cutting blade with a wooden handle is inserted into the gun barrel. Baginety in the Russian army were widely used from about 1694 to 1702. Sword with a brass or iron hilt and entwined with wire handle. Sheath of skin natural color.

Fuzeler elective soldiers marching regiment performs reception "baginet to the top" for "military code" 1698. This statute was based on the combatant manuals best armies in Europe and the king is represented by Major Preobrazhensky Regiment Adam Wade.


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Fusilier elected Soldiers Regiments, 1698-1702. Russia.
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  Fusilier elected Soldiers Regiments, 1698-1702. Russia.

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