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Civil War in Russia (2)

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Ukrainian Cossack, 17 century
Model:  M204

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Ukrainian Cossack, 17 century
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  Ukrainian Cossack, 17 century

  In the early 17 th century in the Ukraine have developed two types of Cossack unit: Zaporizhia and registry. In Zaporozhye Sech, is a hotbed of free Cossacks, the power in the hands of an elected council of Cossack (Cossack rada). Registered as Cossacks, divided into regiments, were subordinate to hetman, appointed by the King of Poland. They receive salaries for their service, have different privileges and equated to the petty nobility. Ukrainian Cossacks by any means tried to get into the registry.

  In 1648 an uprising began Zaporizhia Cossack forces against Polish domination. Rebellious Cossacks led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky, proclaimed hetman. As part of the Polish troops to suppress the rebellion, there were 4-5 thousand Ukrainian registered Cossacks, who immediately went over to the rebels. From September 1648 Liberation Army Khmelnytsky are 70 thousand people. In the same year were winning the battles at Yellow Waters and under Korsun. In 1649 the Cossacks at the Battle of Pilyavtsami 36000th defeated the Polish army. It was signed a temporary truce and treaty Zbarouski number of Cossacks, recorded in the register, was determined in 40 000 (16 regiments). In 1651 the fighting resumed. June 28-30, in the battle of Berestechko army of the Commonwealth, led by King Jan Kazimierz Vasa, smashed the combined Cossack-Tatar force Zaporozhye Hetman Khmelnitsky and the Crimean Khan Islam Giray. By Belotserkovsky agreement in 1651 the number of registered Cossacks decreased to 20 thousand. In 1654, for Pereyaslavl contract Cossacks gave Ukraine under the protection of the Russian tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

  Registered Cossacks in the Polish tradition was called "friend" and had two "podpomoschnikov - equestrian and hiking. Cossacks fought both in the horse and on foot. On arms had wick or flint rifles, pistols and swords, as well as short spikes. Clothing Cossacks was the Polish type and consisted of blue or red cloth coat (Uhocha) or polukaftan belted silk sash, colored trousers and soft boots, high heels, hats with fur rogatyvki forked band and colorful language.

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Ukrainian Cossack, 17 century
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Manufacturers: EK-castingsEK-castings
Weight: 0.12
  Ukrainian Cossack, 17 century

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