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Civil War in Russia (2)

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Streletsky sotnik (captain), 17 century
Model:  M201

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Streletsky sotnik (captain), 17 century
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Streletsky sotnik (captain), 17 century

  Before the 1682 Moscow strelets regiments were called orders. Originally strelets orders totaled 500 people, divided into five hundred. Subsequently, the number of members is growing. In 1683 orders were renamed the shelves, and makes hundreds of them - in the company. Since that time, was supposed to be "in every regiment in 1000 mens". In practice, the number of archers in the shelves ranged from 600 to 1500 people.

  Command of the Regiment (the "initial people ") consisted of a head (tysyatskogo), polugolovy (pyatisotennogo), sotnik and sergeant (Pentecostal and foremen). In 1680 it was commanded to rename strelets chiefs similar way the Western tradition: the head - a colonel, polugolovа - to lieutenant colonels, and sotnik - to captain.

  Sotnik (captain) were appointed from among the policemen of the nobility. For the service they receive a salary (12-20 rubles) and the allotment. In the second half of the 17 century centesimal commanders were chosen as ordinary Streltsy who received the title of "hundreds", unlike the nobles - "captains. "

  Clothing captains usually match the color of clothes of ordinary strelets, but sewed from expensive cloth, velvet or silk. The top coat with drop sleeves (feryaz) egged expensive fur and embroidered with gold or silver braid. Girdle was made of silk with gold tassels. Lower kaftan (coat) supplemented crotch-collar necklace, embroidered with pearls. Velvet hat with a furry would be adorned with the precious apron is in the form of a pearl crown. Boots were made from red or yellow skin and had a heel and toe shape in accordance with fashion.

  Rank arms sotnik or captain was a partisan of crimson silk with a brush. Shaft partisan could upholstered in velvet and metallic braided twine. Ornate sword worn at the waist sword belts.

Manufacturers: EK-castingsEK-castings
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  Streletsky captain, 17 century

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