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Civil War in Russia (2)

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Russian warrior, XIV century
Model:  M231

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Russian warrior, XIV century
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In the 14th century, most of the Russian principalities were vassals of the Golden Horde - Mongol-Tatar feudal state, founded in the mid-13th century, Khan Batu (Batu). The Golden Horde included Western Siberia, North Khorezm, the Volga Bulgars, the North Caucasus, the Crimea, Kypchak (Polovtsy) steppe. Russian principalities technically not part of the Mongol Empire and retained local control of Prince. On the territory of Russia there was no standing army of the Mongolian. The power of the Mongol khans supported by regular punitive expedition, repression, and an annual tribute. Russian princes were obliged to send troops to the war effort Khan.

In the 14th century all the Russian princes were with each other frequent civil wars. The princes of the largest kingdoms of the North-Eastern Russia, the Moscow and Tver, competed for the title of Grand Duke who received the label of the Golden Horde Khan on the right of Vladimir the Great's reign. Despite the fragmentation, the Russian princes had to reflect the continuous onslaught of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the west, and fight hard in the northwest against the Swedish knights. Russia remained the main opponent of the Golden Horde.

In the 14th century is the rise the Moscow principality. Grand Prince of Moscow, Dmitry Ivanovich (Donskoy) is a recognized leader and collector of Russian lands. Moscow became the nucleus of the future union of Russia and leading the fight for liberation from the Mongol-Tatar yoke.

Complex protective arms of a soldier of one of the kingdoms of the North-East of Russia includes chainmail with short sleeves, wearing a plate armor. Iron plates of the armor in the form of scales sewn on the basis of leather or fabric. On the shoulders of Iron Shoulders side, and on his chest a separate round polished plate overlaid with a copper cross - Mirror. On the head spheroconical helmet with chain mail Barmitsa. The lower rim of the helmet and the front is decorated with a bronze plate. The shield is round, covered with leather, canvas and decorated with painted ornaments. On the inner side has a soft cushion and leather straps for hands and suspension. Weapon - a sword with a handle in hand and a dagger and a half. Cloak tucked behind zertsalny strap on his left shoulder. On the legs sturdy leather boots.

Manufacturers: EK-castingsEK-castings
Weight: 0.12
  Russian warrior, XIV century

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