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Civil War in Russia (2)

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Wolfram von Eschenbach. Germany, the beginning of 13 century
Model:  M197

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Wolfram von Eschenbach. Germany, the beginning of 13 century
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  Wolfram von Eschenbach. Germany, the beginning of 13 century

Wolfram von Eschenbach (about 1170 - about 1220) - one of the greatest epic poets of the German Middle Ages. Descended from a noble but impoverished Bavarian family, led the life of the serving Knight minnesingers. Despite the constant need, he traveled extensively in southern and central Germany and enjoyed the hospitality of the Landgrave of Thuringia - the patron of poets and musicians.

Peru Wolfram belong love songs in the style of Provencal lyric poetry and a number of poems written rhymed couplets, typical of the German courtly romance. The most famous - romance "Parsifal" (1195-1210) - tells the story of a young man whose father was killed during the tournament. His mother raised him away from his peers and in ignorance of chivalry, that he did not follow the example of his father and did not become a knight. However, despite the wishes of the mother and to her chagrin, Parzival goes to the court of King Arthur. Pure, but commits gaffes on a misunderstanding, he finally finds a mentor in the rules of true chivalry - the old knight Gurnemanz, rescues those in trouble a beautiful princess Kondviramur and marries her. Soon after the wedding Parzival leaves a young wife for further adventures. Travels, he gets to the castle Munsalveshe where the Holy Grail and King Anfortas. Despite numerous hints, the young Parzival does not ask questions about the meaning of the Grail and does not show mercy to the sick king, who was his uncle. Followed by long-term travels and meetings with a unicorn that kept the Golden Griffin, winged dragons, Phoenix and magical herbs. Lost faith in God's mercy, Parzival meets a hermit Trevritsenta, which reinforces his belief in the value and opens the Grail. Among the further adventures described the battle Parsifal, with Havana, a representative of secular knighthood. Finally Parzival returns to the castle, his compassion, heals a sick king, he becomes the King of the Grail and is reunited with his wife, who during his absence gave birth to two sons.

The plot of "Parsifal" was reworked in the 19 century by Wagner for his opera of the same name.

Thumbnail of "Maness Code" (about 1300) shows Wolfram von Eschenbach in a blue cape-syurko over ringed armor. His gold helmet and red shield are decorated with gilded silver heraldic signs in the form of stylized horns.

Manufacturers: EK-castingsEK-castings
Weight: 0.12
  Wolfram von Eschenbach. Germany, the beginning of 13 century

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