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Civil War in Russia (2)

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T-34-85 - Soviet medium tank; 1/72
Model:  RT 013

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T-34-85 - Soviet medium tank; 1/72
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T-34-85 - soviet medium tank during World War II. Adopted in the Red Army January 23, 1944
Is the final modification of the T-34 based on T-34 model 1943 tank, installed a new, spacious, three-turret. Installing a more powerful 85 mm gun, in conjunction with a number of design modifications, dramatically increased the combat effectiveness of the T-34-85. With slightly increased overall bronezaschite (compared with the T-34-76), but insufficient, in comparison with heavy enemy tanks, tank T-34-85 almost did not lose the old mobility and agility - the main advantages of a medium tank in fights with heavy tank "Panther" and "Tiger."

T-34-85 was produced in the USSR from January 1944 to 1950, before the mass production of the T-54. Under license from the USSR 3185 tanks of this type were produced in Czechoslovakia in 1952-1958 and 1980 tanks - in Poland, 1953-1955.
In total, T-34-85 (including manufactured in Czechoslovakia and the NDP), was issued over 35 thousand units, and taking into account the previously issued T-34-76, the total output of about 70 ÷ 80 000 units. This suggests that the T-34 tank was the most popular tank in the world.

Since 1944, T-34-85, was the primary medium tank of the Red Army in World War II, and after its completion, was the basis of the Soviet Army armored forces until the mid-1950s, to mass-tank in the Soviet Army advanced medium tank T-54. Officially, the T-34-85, was removed from service of the Russian Federation only in 1993.
After the war, the T-34-85 in large quantities were supplied to several countries in Europe and Asia, where used in armed conflicts, including Korea and the Six-Day War, and many others. As of 2010, T-34-85 still in service in several countries.

Involved in the fighting since 1945.

After World War II T-34-85 is actively exported to many countries around the world and has been used in several military conflicts. Legendary tanks remain in service in some countries such as Iraq, before the end of the XX century.

The Korean War (1950-1953, China, North Korea)
Suez Crisis (1956, Egypt)
The Hungarian uprising (1956, USSR, rebels)
The Vietnam War (1957-1975, North Vietnam)
Operation in Bay of Pigs (1961, Cuba's Army)
The Six Day War (1967, Egypt, Syria)
The Turkish invasion of Cyprus (1974, Greek Cypriots)
The civil war in Angola (1975-2002, the government army)
Civil war in Afghanistan (1978-1992, the government army, the Mujahideen)
Sino-Vietnamese War (1979, Vietnam)
Lebanon War (1982, Palestine Liberation Organization)
The war in Croatia (1991-1995) (1991-1995, Croatia, Yugoslavia?)
Bosnian War (1992-1995, the Bosnian Serbs)

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T-34-85 - Soviet medium tank; 1/72
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T-34-85 - Soviet medium tank; 1/72
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T-34-85 - Soviet medium tank; 1/72
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Manufacturers: Fabbri (Ixo)Fabbri (Ixo)
Weight: 0.2
  Soviet medium tank T-34-85

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Fabbri (Ixo)
Fabbri (Ixo)
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