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Petar Atanasov
New User

From: Sofia
Messages: 1

 On payment methods
Sent: 27-04-2011 14:46
Dear Sir,

Please first let me congratulate you on the marvellous shop you have!

I would like to make an order and would like to pay via moneybooks, as it reads on your site you accept it. However, I could not find a link to moneybooks when i followed the ordering process. How can I make the payment via Moneybooks?

Message Maniac

From: Барнаул
Messages: 761

 On payment methods
Sent: 27-04-2011 18:22
Hi Petar.

Thank you for your kind words about my shop. I will be pleased to provide you with useful and help in acquiring you are interested in the figures.

Unfortunately, the format of my shop does not provide for automatic transfer to the payment system «Moneybookers». To pay this way you need to go to this link, register and pay:


My address for payment through the «Moneybookers»: poli-graphist@yandex.ru
I assure you - this is a simple procedure is straightforward. Cost of services of this payment system will surprise you. If you have any questions - please contact me.

Do not forget to add to the cost of ordering the required amount for postage. The cost of postage is calculated automatically when filling out a standard order forms, depending on weight of package.

Best regards, Michael Medin (Head of the studio "Siberia")

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