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 To all the readers and members of this site
Sent: 22-02-2016 19:48
Many visits this site and repeat coming back, but few take part by delivering any input, even if many without doubt could give important informations from their own areas!
Language problems?
No problem.
Just write in your own language and make a Google translation beneath. I am sure many will find correct translations on words coming out wrongly, just by trying same local words in different forms.
As it is now only 2 1/2 persons are delivering stuff, many more could help.
Personally I would like to see more Poles helping for instance with pictures of Polish infantry colours and flags 1917-1921, especially of all the colours and flags pre the 1919 Regulations.
Somebody must know such pictures and articles on the subject.
Also I would like, if someone has access to the articles by Rezler on scout uniforms of the period. Just put a scan of the texts upon the forum in Polish, no need to translate. And should you have more contemporary pictures, just put them up.
Same goes for all the other subjects on this site, put your local articles and pictures up.

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