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 Poland 1917-1921 - Sources on Uniforms and Equipment
Sent: 11-02-2013 16:28
Being interested in Polish uniforms, colours, standards and equipment for the individual regiments and units 1917-1921, one soon finds no single, comprehensive source on the subject, neither in Polish and certainly not any other language.

If such information at all can be collected, at least to a certain degree, is questionable, as lots of information, documents, contemporary artefacts, museum pieces, photos and such have been destroyed or gone missing since 1939.

One can always start on
scroll down and look for
IV. Иностранные контингенты (Интервенты и пр.). Организация, вооружение, униформа / Foreign troops (interventionists, etc.). The organization, weapons, uniforms, 1. Польша / Poland
the nice and informative English language site by Mark Plant

In Polish there seems only to be 3 books, which especially deals with the subject in detail, but of course the Poles have a huge litterature, which deals with certain regiments and army branches, from which details can be gleaned, even if most works seem to concentrate on 1939 with only rather short chapters on the 1917-1921 period.

1. "Polski mundur wojskowy 1918-1939", Henryk Wielecki, BELLONA, Warsawa 1995.
The work is maainly on the period 1912-1939, and the period 1918-1921 is mainly a general, but very good description on the uniforms in use 1917-1921 with the introduction of the M.1919 uniform.
see further: siberia-miniatures.ru/forum/showthread.php?tid=332&fid=12&block=0

2. "Barwa i bron Sił Zbrojnych Wielkopolski w latach 1918-1920", Andrzej Jeziorkowski, Tadeusz Jeziorowski, Jarosław Łuczak, Bogusław Połak, Marek Rezler. Koszalin 1988.
A very competent and specialized book dealing only with the Poznan and Wielkopolska forces. Marek Rezler, later director for the Museum in Poznan, has here made a very detailed study on the uniforms and colours. It has several plates with uniforms, distinctions, badges and colours. Normally rather cheap and a good buy, if one can find a copy

A newer book by Marek Rezler: "Powstanie Wielkopolskie 1918-1919", Spojrzenie po 90 latach. Poznan 2008, gives the same information on uniforms in abridged form and has the same colour plates.
see further:

3. "Polsce i wszędzie służyć zawsze bede. Mundur i broń Wojsk Wielkopolskich 1918/20", Poznan 2012. Karol Szałądziński and illustrations by Leszek Rościszewski.
see further:
Together with the text by Marek Rezler in "Barwa i bron Sił Zbrojnych Wielkopolski w latach 1918-1920", combined perhaps with the many contemporary photos in the richly and well illustrated "Poznańczycy w wojnie polsko-bolszewickiej 1919-1921", by Kruszyński Bartosz, Rebis 2010, the subject on the Wielkopolska Army should be nicely covered.
More nice illustrations on the Wielkopolska Army by Leszek Rościszewski can be found on 27grudnia.pl/o-powstaniu/przebieg-powstania/umundurowanie-i-uzbrojenie-powstancow-wielkopolskich.html, if one downloads the PDFs at the bottom of the page.

As the Wielkopolska Army totalled only about 25% of the then Polish forces, one has to look for information on the rest somewhere else.

will be continued

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