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 Polish Cavalry - 7th Lancer Regiment Lublin
Sent: 05-09-2012 02:19
Contemporary photos showing the 7th Lancer Regiment Lublin
These photos are all from the regimental history by Krzysztof Szczypiorski, Ułani Lubelscy,
Warszawa 2010.

"Beliniacy" interned in Werl (Germany). From left: Lieutenant Stanislaw Grzmot-Skotnicki, Wachmistr. Janusz Łaszczyc-Olszamowski, Rotmistr Gustaw Orlicz-Dreszer,
Wachmistr. Jan Ciurlik-Nowinski and Rotmistr Janusz Głuchowski. 1917-1918.

Bronislaw Rakowski, lancer in 1st Lancer Regiment of the Polish Legion, 1914.

At Zelwy. Lancers from 2nd squadron. 1919.

Officers at combat briefing. In the middle the deputy commander of the regiment, Rotmistr Rudolf Dreszer. 1919.

At Pohostem. Regimental parade for the Commander of the I Cavalry Brigade, Colonel Władysław Belina-Prażmowski. April 1920 (CAW).

Second Lieutenant Michael Stawisz-Pohoski.

Commander of the Combined Cavalry Brigade, Major Zygmunt Piasecki. Second half of September 1920.

Unknown lancer. 1919.

From left to right: Second Lieutenant Stefan Rago, Lieutenant Zygmunt Piasecki and unknown. January 1919.

At Zelwy. The Regimental Commander, Major Janusz Głuchowski. In the background Second Leutenant Romuald Sas-Jaworski. February 1919.

Czestochowa. Marriage of Second Leutenant Stefan Tomasz Eichler to Constanze Maria Skrzynecka (sister to Lieutenant Marian Skrzynecki - later Lieutenant Colonel and Commander of the regiment). From left to right: Second Leutenant S. Klepacz, Second Leutenant J. Gliński, the bride and groom, Second Leutenant L. Piltz, Second Leutenant J. Smoleński. 19 February 1919.

From left to right: Lieutenant Leonard Łodzia-Michalski, Major Janusz Głuchowski and Second Leutenant Kazimierz Dietel (junior doctor). 1919.

Lancer Wladyslaw Siejano. 1919.

Lieutenant Zygmunt Piasecki (first from left) at the head of 1st Squadron. Spring 1919.

Ostrołęka. The barrack tribune. From left: Second Lieutenant Stanislaw Klepacz, Ensign Stefan Kelm-Kopertyński. Standing Ensign Antoni Sosiński, sitting in front of him Second Leutenant Stanislaw Bibernstein-Żarnowski, Ensign Wojciech Pohoski wearing maciejowca cap , next to him on the right Second Leutenant Leon Trojanowski. 1919

Regimental bandmaster, Warrant Officer Anton Sosiński (later IX-rank military officer). Spring 1919.

Ostrołęka. The trumpet band leading the reserve squadron. Spring 1919.

Ostrołęka Railway Station. Fourth from the left Ensign Antoni Sosiński, third from the right Second Leutenant Francis Bibernstein-Żarnowski. 25 April 1919.

Ostrołęka Railway Station. From left to right: Lieutenant Wincent Cendro, Second Leutenant Ruol, Second Leutenant Stefan Nowina-Sroczynski and Second Leutenant Alexander Sarnowicz. 25 April 1919

At Lida. The machine-gun squadron. The third from the left is Squadron Commander Lieutenant Zdzislaw Karpinski, the first from right is Ensign Stefan Rago. Spring 1919 (CAW)

At Lida. Lancers from 1st Squadron. Spring 1919 (CAW)

Second Lieutenant Albert Haczyński. 1919

At Lida. The Regimental Cassation Commission. Spring 1919. (CAW – the Polish “Central Military Archive").

At Lida. Lancers from the machine gun squadron. In the middle is the commander of the squadron Lieutenant Zdzislaw Karpinski. First on the right Ensign Stefan Rago. Spring 1919 (CAW)

Lida. Officers, non-commissioned officers and lancers at the front. Spring 1919.

The machine-gun squadron on the march. April 1919.

1st Squadron. In the middle in bright blouse the Squadron Commander, Lieutenant Zygmunt Piasecki, next to the left is the commander of the machine gun squadron, Lieutenant Zdzislaw Karpinski. Spring 1919.

I platoon of 1st Squadron. 1919.

III platoon of 1st Squadron on post. 1919.

IV platoon of 1st Squadron. 1919.

Lancers from 1st Squadron on post. 1919.

Machine gunners being trained. 1919.

Cleaning the machine guns. 1919.

Machine-gun squadron resting. 1919.

Ensign Leon Suchorzewski. 1919.

Second Lieutenant Stanislaw Klepacz. 1919.

Second Lieutenant Francis Bibernstein-Żarnowski. Autumn 1919.

Wedding photo showing Lieutenant Witold Cendro Vincent and Julia Stebełska. Warsaw, 17 September 1919.

Volunteer lancer George Kamler. Warsaw. November 1919.

Lancer Jerzy Kamler of the reserve squadron in the barracks of 36 PPLA (36 Pułk Piechoty Legii Akademickiej) on the 11th November Street, Warsaw. October 1919.

1st squadron at Habitacja. 1919.

The quarters in the area of Budosław. November 1919.

In the Budosław Area. Second Lieutenant Francis Bibernstein-Żarnowski and Second Lieutenant Albert Haczyński. November 1919

At Lake Voronezh. Patrol from 1st squadron. Winter 1919.

Daugavpils. Regimental Commander Major J. Gluchowski, Lieutenant T. Jakubski (KIA)
Second Lieutenant F. Bibernstein-Żarnowski and Rotmistr Z. Piasecki. January 1920.

Daugavpils. Regimental Commander Major J. Gluchowski and Second in Command Rotmistr Z. Piasecki. April 1920.

Daugavpils. 2nd Squadron assembling in 30 degree frost. Platoon leaders from left to right: Second Lieutenant J. Smolenski and Second Lieutenant Trojanowski. 30 January 1920.

On post, 1st squadron together with peasants. Spring 1920.

Ulan Niepokojczycki of 1st squadron. Spring 1920.

At Habitacja. 1st Squadron embarks on a mission. Spring 1920.

Habitacja, one squadron platoon back from the trip. Spring 1920.

Wabol, Latvia, Easter hallowing with the parish priest. From left to right: Cadet. S. Janiszewski, see S. Moszynski, Sec. First Smolenski, Cadet. M. Olechnowicz, Pastor, Cadet L. Berg, Second Lieutenant and doctor K. Dietel, Second Lieutenant R-Sas-Jaworski, Capt.. Z. Piasecki, Second Lieutenant S. Klepacz, Second Lieutenant Gorzechowski W., Second Lieutenant W. Haczyński, rpor. F. Siedlecki, Second Lieutenant S. Wojtkiewicz, Cadet S. Rago. Sitting - Second Lieutenant L. Suchorzewski. April 1920.

Orbidany, officers from the 2nd squadron. From left to right: Cadet Stephen Rago, Second Lieutenant Leon Trojanowski, Second Lieutenant Józef Smolenski, Squadon Commander Lieutenant Leonard Łodzia-Michalski, Second Lieutenant Karol Ike-Duninowski. April 1920.

1st Squadron's field kitchen. May 1920.

3rd Squadron of the march, led by Second Lieutenant Stanislaw Klepacz, Second Lieutenant Witold Gorzechowski. May 1920.

On the left left Rotmistr Zygmunt Piasecki and Second Lieutenant Marian Olechowicz. Spring 1920.

Reconnaissance platoon.

Reconnaissance. June 1920.

Group of prisoners captured by the 7th Lancer Regiment Lublin. 1920.

In the trenches at Hulka on the river Daugava. June 1920.

A short break on the march. Here: Cadet Leopold Berg, Cadet Stephen Rago, Second Lieutenant Leon Trojanowski, sitting Lieutenant Tadeusz Jakubski, Rotmistr Zygmunt Piasecki and unknown. July 1920.

Berezina. 1st Squadron before going into action. 1920.

Berezina, lancer Jan Pazur of 1st squadron. 1920.

Lancers from 3rd squadron. In the middle the Commander Rotmistr Bronislaw Rakowski, next to him on the far right Corporal Mieczyslaw Osinski. Spring 1920.

Regimental band and trumpeters - in the middle bandmaster, Warrant Officer (Chorągiew) Antoni Sosiński. 1920.

On the way to Chocień with 4th squadron as rearguard. Lieutenant Stanislaw Gąssowski crossing the river Rybczankę. 13 October 1920.

Lancers from 4th squadron pass the river Rybczankę together with a group of the Cossacks, who had gone over at Chocień. 13 October 1920.

Platoon Lieutenant Francis Zarnowski leading the attack at Wiazyn. October 1920.

At Wiazyn. Searching the Bolshevik Commissars' house by lancers from 4th squadron. October

Platoon Leader Kazimierz Przekora. 1920.


Major Zygmunt Piasecki. Winter 1920.

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