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Forum » Russian Civil war / Гражданская война в России » Thread: The Leib Guard during the Civil War -- Page 1  Jump To: 

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Christophe CUSSET
New User

From: Saint Cyr au Mont d'Or
Messages: 2

 The Leib Guard during the Civil War
Sent: 23-10-2017 06:42
Hello, my name is Christophe and I'm new on this forum.
I live in France and I'm interested in the Russian Imperial Army, the Russian Civil War and the White movement.
Does anyone of you have informations about the Lieb Guard during the civil war and more precisely the infantry composite Guard regiments in the Volunteer Army/Armed Forces of the South Russia (composition, number, uniforms, flags...) ?
I also have a question about Civil War reenactment uniforms : is it acceptable for a White Nco to wear a khaki gymnastiorka piped with the Pavlovsky regiment colors ( 1919- fightings in the South Russia ) ?
Thank you very much for your help !
Best regards.


Message Maniac

From: Барнаул
Messages: 829

 The Leib Guard during the Civil War
Sent: 24-10-2017 13:28
Hello Christophe.

I do not know much about the theme of the Composite-Guards units of the "whites" in the South of Russia.

Here is a brief description of the history and composition of these parts: www.pygmywars.com/uniforms/addingcolour.html

"The guard infantry had a similar story. Intitially a regiment was formed with each original regiment providing a company, but it slowly grew to be a division. Again the peak size was late 1919.

Composite Guard Infantry Division (also sometimes called the 5th Infantry Division)

Division Commander – Maj-Gen. P.S. Ossovskiy
Chief of Staff – Col. Akhatkin

1st Brigade – Maj-Gen. Baron N.I. Shtackleberg

Composite Regiment of the 1st Guard Division – Maj-Gen. Moller
Composite Regiment of the 2nd Guard Division – Col. Stessel
Composite Regiment of the Guard Rifle Division

2nd Brigade

Composite Regiment of the 19th Infantry Division
Composite Regiment of the 20th Infantry Division
80th Kabardino Infantry Regiment

Reserve Battalion of the Composite Guard Division

Composite Guard Artillery Brigade – Maj-Gen. M. Bez-Kornilovich

1st Battery –
2nd Battery – Col. Plyushchinskiy
3rd Battery – Col. Abramovskiy
4th Battery – Col. Sax

Independent Artillery Battery – Col. Shpigel
Independent Guard Heavy Howitzer Battery – Col. Kazachinskiy

Guard Independent Engineer Company – Col. Beliy

After Orel and the retreat of 1919 the Guards infantry were cut off in the Ukraine and forced into Poland as part of Bredov's March. They never really recovered".

I also have a couple of drawings on this topic.

The officer of the Life Guards Keskholm company of Consolidated-Guards Regiment. 1919.
Corporal of the Life Guards of the Izmailovo company from the Combined Guards Regiment. 1919.

Soldier's straps of captain Keskgolmskoy company.
Soldier's straps private Izmailov company.
Uniforms of senior officers of the Keskholm Company.
Uniform of Private Izmailovo Company.

Christophe CUSSET
New User

From: Saint Cyr au Mont d'Or
Messages: 2

 The Leib Guard during the Civil War
Sent: 24-10-2017 16:15
Hello Барнаул,
Thank you very much for your full answer !
The pictures are also quite interesting !!!! They show a piped gymnastiorka for lower rank/Nco troops during the Civil War. So, I got my answer ! It is possible for Civil War reenactment to wear a khaki field shirt, piped with regimental Guard colours (1919-Armed forces of the South Russia).
Once more thanks a lot for your clarification.
All the best from France,


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